The soul of Renu Photo Studio’s photography lies in capturing images which tell a story with breathtaking detail and vivid pictography and yet mantain the feel of an indian wedding . Our only aim is to make your moments so fresh that it feels like yesterday.

Our client servicing should excel in providing the best technology in imaging available with the best creative photographers whose ideas are not bound by principals but are driven by imagination. Satisfaction of our clients give us immense pleasure and that is what we thrive for with our wedding and commercial photography.

Our fashion photography does not only showcase the model’s talent but also goes beyond in promoting it across platforms so that the talent gets its due.

We have been doing professional photography since 2003.  We specialize in shooting Weddings, People & Motor sports.

We believe in capturing the hidden emotions and feelings associated with your wedding. Its your wedding and you want to cherish those memories and remember them forever…  We don’t take up weddings as assignments,  but We become a part of your grand day and its celebrations like a friend and shoot photographs which will transverse you to that moment whenever you look back towards it after long years to come and still have a smile in on your lips,  joy in your heart and tears of happiness in your eyes…

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